CREATE(Cardiovascular Scientific) Symposium

MARS (Cardiovascular-Metabolism-Aging Research Seminar) Symposium


2022.10.7 MARS 19;00- (Hybrid)

 Speaker; Professor. Inoue Norimitsu, Wakayama Medical University

 Moderator; Ippei Shimizu

2022.10.11 CREATE-Global Symposium 18:00- (JST)(Online)

 Speaker; Professor. Enzo Porrello, PhD

「Maturing the Heart: Implications for Disease Modelling,Drug Discovery and Regenerative Medicine」
 Theme Director, Stem Cell Biology , Node Director, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Medicine,  reNEW Melbourne Honorary Professorial Fellow, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, The University of Melbourne

 Moderator; Wataru Kimura



MARS (Cardiovascular-Metabolism-Aging Research Seminar) Symposium

2022.9.6 MARS 19;00- (Hybrid)

 Speaker; Dr. Yasutomi Higashikuni, Department of Cardiology, University of Tokyo

 Speaker; Professor. Okuno Yasushi, Department of Biomedical Data Intelligence Kyoto University

Thank you very much Dr. Higashikuni and Professor. Okuno!


Publication of U45 members

Who we are. 

U45 International Society for Heart Research (ISHR) Japanese section was established in 2019 to enhance science/ collaboration/ understanding among young researchers in the field of cardiovascular research. We hope our group and this homepage contribute to empower young scientists, and attract younger people to cardiovascular research.


At 1968, the Society ISHR started as an "International Study Group for Research in Cardiac Metabolism" in Dubrovnik.

At 1976, at the World Congress in Tokyo the name "International Society for Heart Research (ISHR)" was adopted (

At 1977, first scientific meeting of ISHR-Japanese Section was held (

At 2019, U45 ISHR-Japanese Section was established (

U45 ISHR日本部会(日本の若手循環器研究者)のHPです.